Savina Nail Color in Rose Petals

I got this nail polish for my birthday and I have to say that I’m in love with it. Not only is it a gorgeous pink color with a silvery undertone, it has incredible lasting power. I just put two coats of this on my nails with a Wet and Wild top coat (which is honestly not that great a top coat) and three days later, it still hasn’t chipped. Personally, I think that’s amazing. Almost every nail polish I’ve owned has chipped in a day, two days max, so for it to be day three, and it’s still looking like I painted it yesterday, is an accomplishment.

The formulation is very nice, too. It goes on easily and is very opaque. I probably could’ve only gone with one coat, but I put another coat on for a darker color. It also dries very fast and had a more matte feel than a gel feel, but didn’t look matte.

I’ve never heard of this brand before, but my roommate who got it for me bought it at Nordstrom Rack. So if you’re looking for a beautiful polish with awesome staying power, Savina is the brand for you.

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